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The Witches of Freedom Moon



A witch on the run finds refuge in a spiritual camp until the disappearance of a local teenager forces her into action.



A psychic’s powers ramp up after a knock on her head. But when she becomes a suspect in a series of arson fires, she’s forced to rely upon the son of the man who thinks she’s a killer.

Book Three – DREAM MAGIC

A dreamwalker must win over a non-believer whose life is in jeopardy before it’s too late.


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Hidden Magic 

 BestsellerIcon100X100 (2)

Psychic Jilly Livingston is on the run after stabbing an abusive ex-boyfriend. Now living under a new identity in a spiritualist camp far away, she is hesitant to help sexy detective Zander Parsons find a missing teenager. Although working with a cop jeopardizes her new life, she feels compelled to help the girl who reached out to her through a psychic vision. But when a faceless stalker targets her, she has no choice but to put her trust—and her heart—on the line.

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Dreamwalker Haley Parrish can’t work thanks to the nightmares that have been plaguing her. Not as long as she suspects the sexy man in her dreams is in danger. When he shows up at her door in the waking world, she must warn him. If she can’t convince him that her powers are real, he very well might die, as he does in her dreams.Wes Henderson has no use for psychics since one of them swindled his grandmother out of her retirement money. But he can’t deny the pull that one beautiful dreamwalker has on him. Can he bring himself to believe before it’s too late?  DM2 copy



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