Lawyering Up


When Public Defender Emmy Mahoney runs into Rudy, one of her old college crushes, he suggests they call the third member of their old group and go out on her upcoming birthday. Emmy and Pete used to date but when she left for law school, their relationship ended. 

When the flirting reaches full force, one of the guys asks her which one of them she would go home with. Emmy, a little tipsy and brazen, tells him she can’t choose and will have to have them both. Rudy and Pete, ever eager to please, offer themselves for her ménage a trois fantasy. Their date turns into full sex-filled stay-cation. After a week of fulfilled fantasies, she worries the friends won’t return to their former relationship, but the men have a lot more in mind.

Two Lips Reviews calls Lawyering Up “…a tasty little story to get your motors runnin’…”

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