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Amateur psychic Mia Richards reluctantly accepts a gaudy costume necklace as payment for channeling a widow’s husband. After the ruby is stolen from her, she suspects it might not have been fake after all. Now she must find a way to get the necklace back because it might be the key to escaping her terrifying nightmares.

Brent Hartley recently lost his restaurant to his conniving ex-wife and his father to illness. Now his mother seems confused. He can’t bear the thought of dementia taking her. When he’s forced to work with a sexy fortuneteller to get his mother’s missing jewel back, their search leads them straight into danger. Will what Mia and Brent discover bring them together, or tear them forever apart?

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When Natalie discovers a valuable jewel hidden in a trinket box she bought at an estate sale, her life is suddenly in peril. With nowhere else to turn, she’s forced to lean on her neighbor Jack for help. But can she put her past behind her and open her heart before it’s too late?


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Ryan’s murdered sister’s ghost appears to him to warn him that her friend Emily will be next. Emily shunned her psychic abilities after she became the target of a killer while working with the police years ago, but she can’t ignore her friend’s dire message from beyond the grave. Despite their differences, passion sizzles between the couple until sinister, unseen forces threaten to tear them apart forever. *previously published*